Transformation that brings benefits to clients, with solutive & effective services to be the market leader. DGI moves dynamically in responding to global challenges, with the ability to adapt, supported by fresh ideas, and special expertise in each field.

About Us

Daniswara Global Indonesia (DGI) is the footprint of the 30-year establishment of PT Maesindo Indonesia in the disposable food packaging industry, which was initiated by the French-Indonesian management. Experience in serving hundreds of clients in 75 countries has given the confidence to expand business wings.

The young and talented team is increasingly skilled in running marketing, digital systems, export & import, trading, and even building machines. This brings enthusiasm in developing a broader business and providing solutions for all customers. Good communication, combined with qualified skills, is an advantage for DGI in providing satisfying business services.

Our Company

Putting forward the concept of being environmentally friendly for a better planet, Maesindo Indonesia for 29 yearsexperienced in producing food packaging and decorations made of paper to serve the world market.

Experience in producing disposable protective clothing for paramedics and industrial workers, Medika Maesindo Global is an effective and competitive protective clothing manufacturer.

Inovasi Kemasan Indonesia is a one-stop solution for corrugated carton packaging for all needs, from large to small goods, hard to soft goods to support your business branding.

Delta Presisi Industri provides flexibility to industry players to obtain machines, spare parts and equipment according to their needs, and carried out by standard experts.

Trust the export & import activities with Unggul Antar Benua, with the best offer of logistics, document, warehousing and shipping services that follow your needs.


The disposable protective clothing for paramedics and general industrial workers, and according to the level of risk.

Switch to eco-friendly packaging, with food-contact certified paper packaging and food decorations.

Protect your breath with facemasks that has been certified by SNI and KN95, support your daily activities with the colors of your mood.

Improve your business image with customable printing & size corrugated box, and protect the product strongly.

Fulfill the needs of lining fabrics, bag materials, and other needs with best quality, various colors and strong spunbond nonwoven fabric for all businesses.

Convenient sales platform for disposable protective clothing products. The purchases only through on desktop and smartphone in short time.

One-Stop-Shopping platform, PackagingMe presents various environmentally friendly packaging solutions to support any business.

Support your business with custom machines, and equip them with precise spare parts to support optimal productivity your production line.


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